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Whatever Happened to Melrose and Fairfax?

by Daniel Rolnik

It is my intention in writing this article that by the end of reading it, everyone who was part of the Melrose & Fairfax street art community end their quarrels and make peace with one another. We’re all in this together and at its peak we were all young, regardless of our actual age, so things were done and said that I hope can be forgiven. And if you weren’t here for the movement, then just know it was comprised of four exciting years in Los Angeles. – Daniel Rolnik

Artistic micro-movements are happening more intensely today than ever before. It reflects the way we process information. Where we search for what’s new, rather than keep track of what’s been able to survive. It’s akin to the way we scroll through our Facebook feeds and look tirelessly for exciting information, rather than being satisfied with the first batch of results.

I became entwined with one of these micro-movements simply because I lived near the heart of its epicenter, the corner of Melrose and Fairfax. A five block stretch of main streets and alleyways that gave birth to the Melrose and Fairfax scene of artists, including names you may recognize like Morley and Cyrcle as well as some you may not, like Snyder, and Koffinz.

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